Desktop Calendar and Smartphone Background for May 2021

Desktop Calendar and Smartphone Background for May 2021

I don't feature flowers that often but I was inspired by the success I had with growing roses on my balcony for the first time. I don't exactly have a green thumb so when I saw them blooming and thriving I was so happy I had to celebrate them! And with two versions - light and dark :)

As usual the desktop calendar and phone background are free for personal use. Click on the images below for the full size. Then right-click and select ‘set as desktop background’. Enjoy!

free desktop calendar roses may 2021

free desktop calendar dark roses may 2021

free phone background roses light theme free phone background roses dark theme

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Thank you so much A!!


Thank you Cathy! I will do my best to work on more plant designs in the future.


I love this piece, Eve! Would love to see more plant and flower paintings.


Just want to say, thank you so much for these free wallpapers.. I look forward to them each month. Using them on my Mac and iPhone :)


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