Desktop Calendar and Smartphone Background for April 2020

Desktop Calendar and Smartphone Background for April 2020

Hello friends! Hope you are doing well during these crazy times. My good-feeling prescription for this month is this dreamy landscape in soft ice-cream colors. The sun is shining in this image, and sun was always a symbol of positivity and optimism for me. Let's look forward to the summer and to the easing of our troubles.

Just a reminder that I am running a sale now, 20% off with code SPRING2020. Thank you for your support! Also there is a free coloring page you can download from my blog here - great calming practice and something to do while stuck at home.

As usual the desktop calendar and smartphone background are free for personal use. Click on the images below for the full size. Then right-click and select ‘set as desktop background’. Enjoy!

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Hi Dan,

I’m not sure why it would do that since I upload .jpeg files. It seems that the Chrome browser sometimes does that since .webp is Google’s image format. So if by any chance you have another browser installed like explorer or safari then maybe try downloading using them. Hope this helps!

Eve Sand

Hi, We love your work and I always use your monthly backgrounds. But occasionally it will save as webp, instead of jpeg, and i can’t set it as background for some reason. Do you know why? Or any fix?
Dan Niles


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