Currently working on : Cat drawings

Currently working on : Cat drawings

Believe it or not I never tried to work with felt marker pens before. I usually stick to more traditional mediums for my drawings like pencil, pen and ink or charcoal. So I decided to give them a try. The good quality markers are fairly expensive and there are way too many colors to choose from. So I bought 4 to start: your basic black, lime green, deco blue and 20% cool gray. Looking around for a subject to try them on I saw my neighbor's cat lounging, as usual on a sunny day, on my patio furniture. Perfect! I draw a couple of quick sketches before she (or he, after 5 years I still don't know) left.

120128-eve-sand-cat-drawings-02 120128-eve-sand-cat-drawings-01

I can see these markers as being extremely convenient for taking along when drawing outside or when traveling. But I feel like they are missing something compared to traditional media. Maybe I just need to get more colors and get used to them! Interesting results though!

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